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Editorial: Oregon should ban taxes and fees on groceries
May 15, 2018
New taxes are as popular as a yellow jacket buzzing the baby’s crib. But some Oregon legislators don’t know when to quit. They have even tried to put new taxes on essentials such as food. Most states, at least, exempt food from sales taxes. Oregon should join them and do a bit more.

Backers of Multnomah County Soda Tax Delay Again, Will Not Pursue November Ballot Spot
February 23, 2018
The group that has been trying to build support for a soda tax in Multnomah County told WW today that it will not seek a place on this November's ballot after all.

LETTER: Beverage tax threatens small business success
February 20, 2018
I'll get straight to the point. I hope you'll join me and so many other small businesses in Gresham in opposing a beverage tax in Multnomah County. As owner of Stop-N-Shop on 191st and Burnside, I have no doubt that this tax will harm our independent businesses and our community.

An open appeal to Kafoury and Wheeler: Letter to the editor
February 9, 2018
I read Rep. Chris Gorsek's Jan. 30 Oregonian/OregonLive guest opinion, "Beverage tax burdens poor, threatens jobs and doesn't fix big problems," and wanted to ask you to join him in opposing a beverage tax proposal in Multnomah County.

Beverage tax burdens poor, threatens jobs and doesn't fix big problems: Guest opinion
January 30, 2018
It's been several weeks since the proponents of a beverage tax in Multnomah County announced they'd delay sending their initiative to voters, but stories now coming out on Seattle's tax have heightened my concerns about the proposal here.

Two Billionaires Spent Nearly $1 Million in Portland Trying to Tax Soda. Here’s Why They Have to Start Over.
December 6, 2017
For nearly a year, two billionaires have been throwing money around Portland to raise the price of soda. The billionaires: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and John Arnold, a Houston-based former energy trader.

Press Release: “Election shopping” won’t fix flawed tax proposal
November 27, 2017
Supporters of a proposed beverage tax in Multnomah County have announced they will hold off until November 2018 to send their initiative to voters. This is now the fourth time supporters of a beverage tax have delayed their plans.

Letters: Beverage tax would harm local businesses
November 17, 2017
I believe that each of us cares deeply about the health and well-being of kids. I also believe that no one wants to see harm done to small businesses.

Beverage tax could sink small businesses: Letter to the editor
October 28, 2017
I run a store in Multnomah County and a tax on everyday beverages would significantly harm my ability to keep my business afloat. Though Multnomah County is a great place to live, it is not an easy place to operate a small business.

Press Statement from Move Forward Multnomah
October 11, 2017
Today, the Cook County, Illinois Board of Commissioners demonstrated they heard the strong outcry from working families and neighborhood businesses: Beverage taxes are harmful and unfair – a flawed approach to funding programs.

Just last week, in our own backyard, the St. Helens City Council heard the concerns of their residents and businesses, rejecting a similarly unfair beverage tax proposal.

There’s nothing different about the proposal before Multnomah County voters: It will significantly add to skyrocketing costs of living, hurt community businesses that are struggling to stay afloat amid rising costs, and there’s no guarantee that funds will go where proponents say they’ll go. Multnomah County residents deserve fair, sustainable funding solutions that don’t disproportionately put a burden on people who enjoy everyday beverages.

The Move Forward Multnomah coalition urges Multnomah County voters to reject this flawed approach that’s been proven to do more harm than good in other cities.

Soda tax would hit some harder than others
Portland Tribune | July 18, 2017
Proponents of a tax on sweetened beverages in Multnomah County apparently realize now how unpopular this idea is because they are delaying their efforts to collect signatures for a ballot initiative later this year.

Beverage tax would be bad for restaurants
Portland Tribune | July 18, 2017
As a restaurant owner in Portland, I was relieved to hear that supporters of a beverage tax won't be collecting signatures for a ballot initiative this fall. This tax would be very bad for my business and for my customers.

Labor Council takes stand against soda tax initiative
NW Labor Press | May 23, 2017
The Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO, took action May 22 against a proposed “soda tax” for Multnomah County.

Council hears soft pitch for soda tax
The Chronicle | May 2, 2017
During a recent St. Helens City Council work session, a representative of The Public Health Foundation of Columbia County gave a presentation on the topic of a sugary drinks tax.