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Faces of our Coalition

Lynn Burkhardt
Columbia River Brewing

Andrea Castro
El Paraiso

Patricia Cody
Tom's Pizza & Sports Bar
"Over the 18 years I've owned this store, expenses have continued to increase while revenue has remained steady. If we keep enacting legislature that increases the cost of operating a family-run business in Multnomah County, stores like mine will either move outside the county limits or cease to exist." - Maria Aguilar, Michoacán Corp

Scott Almentiger

Alvaro Breucop
Geos Market

Wolfgang Werner
Kelly's Creek Sports Bar & Grill
"I built this food truck myself and I've only been open a few months. I'm against the beverage tax because I know that it will make customers less likely to buy from local vendors. People will choose to eat at places that can afford to keep beverage prices low, which leaves little room for new food truck owners like myself to grow." - William Alfonso, Ashe Cuban Cuisine

Salvador Cruz
El Chavalon

Foster's Market

El Fennir Abdelkrim
"I'm a proud owner of two (soon to be three) neighborhood convenience stores in East Portland. Residents in this community are very conscious of prices and choose to shop at my stores because they find products here cheaper than elsewhere. If the beverage tax passes, it would be impossible for me to keep prices competitive. We don't need more disincentives for shopping locally, and this tax will encourage folks to shop outside the county." - Chris Crawford, New Day Market

Zachary & Alex
Spielman Bagels

Melissa Harkless
D Street Cafe

Mai You Hong
Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

John Hunt
Stoopid Burger

Joe Youssef

Moe Kasimi
Stop N Shop Food Mart
"This beverage tax hurts small businesses and families most. It seems like another tax that the people and families of Portland and Multnomah County aren't equipped to handle. Just say no." - Sheila Costner, The Bean Scene

Kaori Kobayashi
Sushi One

Rose Lunk
Prescott Cafe

Saul Marquez
Pato Feliz Mobil
"For more than 4 years, my husband and I have owned and operated this food truck. We work long hours and try to minimize expenses so that we can keep menu prices low for our customers. As costs have continued to rise in Multnomah County, we've already had to start making adjustments to our business to cut down on expenses. This beverage tax would be another added cost that we simply cannot afford." - Floridaluna Franco Nova, Pupuseria La Flor

Mikov Plaumen
Mystical Eats

21st Ave Quick Stop

Cheryl Nhun
Bangkok Xpress
"My dream is to expand my restaurant, but I'm afraid that the beverage tax would decrease our potential to grow. If beverage sales sink because of the tax, this will only make it more difficult for me to pay my employees' wages and will limit our ability to take on new employees as well." - Natividad Zarate, Enchilada Express

Gustavo Ochoa
El Capullo

Pablo Ornelas
Loco Locos Burritos

Brent Paes
Know Thy Food
"I buy my drinks in Clackamas County because I live there and it’s already a little cheaper. I think if this tax passes anyone who lives close to the county line or is a business owner will go to another county to purchase their drinks. When people go to another county to buy their drinks they will also do their shopping and take their business out of Multnomah County. Owning a food truck every, I've learned that dollar, and every penny counts. I believe this tax will drive business outside of Multnomah County (where prices are already cheaper) if the tax passes." - Debbie Morrison, Debbie Does The Cook'n

Casie Pan
82 Seafood Co

Gloria Paredes
Los Taquitos Taqueria

Darin Penner
Wooden Chicken Pub
"I think we are already taxed enough, especially in a heavily taxed county like Multnomah County. As a small business owner, another tax imposed on us would be yet another challenge making it even more difficult to stay successful in a competitive market." - Heather Theison, Doghouse PDX

Jose Perez
Que Bola

Smalesh Prasad
Spice Kitchen

Simba Puma
Jamaica House
“This tax will ultimately hurt the business I have poured my heart into for the last 17 years. This tax will increase the price of our drinks, and since my clientele is mostly low-income, it will affect my sales. Why punish those who have the least?” - Kat Troxell, The Sting Pub

Ira Rafei
Ira's Deli

Emmanuel Ramirez

Brenda Reyes
Tienda Doña Maria
“It’s just not fair that they want to create a tax. My business is my life and sometimes I feel like they don’t understand that. It scares me to think how much I will be taxed this year. If we allow this tax to happen, what will they tax next?“ - Abraham Serrano, Rosales Taqueria

Chris Richardson
Smak Dabs

Filberto Saldana
La Pinata Tako

Socorro San Pedro
Tienda El Campesino
“The soda tax will cause us to raise prices for our customers. This is not something we want to do. We value having affordable prices.” - Oliver Reyes, La Jarochita

Jeff Schmick
BJ Finkel's Sports Bar

Michi Sineth
Hash It Out

Harvey Singh
Bombay Chaat House
“The food truck industry depends on beverage sales. If there is a tax, it has the potential to effect our business! It doesn’t seem fair because the small businesses are being targeted even though we are the ones who it will be most difficult on.” - Lilia Soto, Mama Lily’s Kitchen

Yulissa Solano

The Souatavong Brothers
Thai Mango

Joe Studenroth
Bridge City Pizza
“We are a family owned and operated business, we have been in business for over 5 years and were shocked to hear how much this tax will increase the price of the everyday drinks we sell at our business. This tax will nearly double the prices of our drinks, further driving away customers who are always looking to save a buck.” - Deok Goo Lee, Teriyaki Town

Ronika Sundar
NRS Super Market

Jessica Torres
La Puerta

Vicente Torres de Morelos
Taqueria Torres de Morelos
“I do not want my customers to have to spend more money to purchase a drink with their meal nor do I think it is fair to impose another new tax in an already over-taxed county.” - Blair Chao, Zien Hong

Milwaukie Market

Leon Vaughn
The Spicy Spoon

Bartolo Vazquez
Tacos El Guero
“Multnomah County is already an expensive place to operate a businesses. Goods and services like recycling and the minimum wage keep going up. As a neighborhood business owner it is hard for me to continue to make ends meet and stay competitive when the costs of running a business keep rising.” - Debbie Marinello, Bucket Brigade Sports Bar & Restaurant

Milliam Vuong
Rose VL Deli

James Wallace
“When I first heard of this tax, I was like not again! They passed something like this in my home country of Ireland and I opposed it then and I oppose it now. It is not fair to punish people especially those who have the least for drinking a soda with their meal. Absolutely ridiculous!” - Joseph Whelan, Whelan’s Irish Pub
“I oppose this tax because not only does it target neighborhood businesses like mine but the tax also targets those who can least afford it, making this a very regressive tax. I think the county officials can find a better way to address the heath issues in the county without disproportionately targeting its low income citizens and neighborhood business owners.” - Kenneth Combs Jr, Verajames Kitchen
"I own and manage my business with the help of my daughter. My food truck specializes on flavored drinks and I make sure my menu prices are as low as they can be for my costumers. My biggest fear is that this beverage tax could force me to change my menu and can potentially drive away my costumers." - Rebecca Hustoft, Nana's Corner
"My husband and I have dedicated the last 17 years to our business. We have witnessed how Multnomah County has grown, but also how unaffordable it has become. This tax would be another cost that neighborhood business owners are forced to pass along to our longtime customers.” - Eva Liu, King's Omelets Restaurants
“This tax is affecting small businesses and low income families. This is unfair and will hurt the people the most because it is targeting a certain segment of society.” - John Ghotra, 7-Eleven